Woodworking: How to buy grinder and jigsaw Grinder buying tips.

What is a grinder? And what must be taken into account when choosing it? Keep reading to find the best grinder on the market.

A grinder is a power tool, as we explain our do- it-yourself friends, which is used to carry a motor that rotates a spindle in engageable different disks, they can have different sizes and cut different materials. It serves many skilled jobs but probably the most used are polishing tiles or marble surfaces or stripping wood.
With this DIY tool, we can also say that there are different types of grinder although they do not fit the exact drawing of a grinder, grinding, bench, straight and road header.

In the market, there are different measures of angle grinders from the mini grinders that your measurements are 125mm 115mm to the large angle grinders with disc measures 230mm and 180mm. The mini grinders have different potencies, 500w to 800w from, we can find that large grinders reach a power of 2300W watts. These are usually used for stripping wood, polishing tiles …

A mini grinder will help us to do a lot of repair work at home, such as wood or metal stripping, polishing, making precise cuts or ceramic tiles, and so on. For wood sanding, it is advisable to have a belt sander like a Makita 9403

For a DIY enthusiast, and it is natural to have a mini grinder, a tool that will be more than enough for a good part of the work.

A grinder or a mini grinder have a great function which is the same. The only thing that differs in the function is that only a professional can work with these two types of tools. For example, to cut some iron pipes, a mini grinder is enough, however, to cut a hard pavement, grinder of 230mm or 180mm is required.

Finally, we must speak of the discs, there are different types of disks for cutting different materials, stone, iron, ceramics, stainless metals and diamond discs, all in their corresponding measures, can even find discs for roughing. At any hardware store, you can find these types of disc.

As always, I advise to always buy tools of a large brand. It is recommended that when using these tools, whether they are mini-grinders or large grinders, always use protective goggles and gloves, and in some cases, for the use of large grinders, a helmet.

Tips for buying a jigsaw

Before buying a jigsaw, it is important to consider some aspects. You’d orient!

If you like DIY, one of the basic tools for working with wood is the jigsaw. The first thing we must fix, according to our friends, it is at ease in changing sheet for do-it-yourselfers. In some jigsaws change, it is very comfortable and usually, no additional tools for change are needed.

The speed and control of it are also important as it allows to adapt the tool to the type of work or cutting being performed. This feature is called “speed control” and it is important to verify that the tool you buy allows you to work with variable speeds.

The vibration if you have to use it for a longer or shorter time, the vibration will disturb and hinder your work. Some saws vibrate only by the type of design they have. Generally, the heavier the machine least vibrate but also depend on whether the manufacturer has incorporated a design element of the tool that minimizes vibration.

Espeficifaciones / Size: It is important to check the maximum thickness of the saw cut to be redeemed and if it is appropriate for the work to be done. In the technical specifications, you will find the depth of cut in wood, aluminum and steel each saw.

Design, controls and adjustments: Depending on the manufacturer and model are some accessories to facilitate the user’s work, such as systems precision-control to different thicknesses of saw blades for precise angle cuts and precise control, systems that facilitate changing the saw blade with one hand and without auxiliary tools, speed control systems, control systems constant cutting, etc … you should evaluate before deciding.

Finally, the price also influences. The price disparity is important because we find jigsaws or saw for DIY enthusiasts from 52.00 to 150.00 euros.

Good luck with the woodworking!


20 tips for woodworking.

Woodworking is one of the most popular fields of home DIY. The work of the wood allows us to carry out large personal projects that decorate and furnish our homes.

Thus, when working with this material we can count on certain tricks that simplify the process, and today we will see some of them. We will give you 20 simple tricks and tips when working with wood, either to pre-treat or keep it in perfect condition.

1. The trick for the carpenter for two separate planks of wood is not to drive nails, nail them rather than straight, it is better to nail them in 45-degree angle so the two pieces of wood will not separate.

2. When placing wooden floors, it is important to keep the expansion joint, because, wood heat expands and if no site is pressing and finally ends up.

3. When cutting with the jigsaw set it up, always let the blade touches the wood. If you touch the wood and we start the saw, wood will split. It is important, with the jigsaw, that we may always well supported, so it will not vibrate and allow us to make a clean cut on wood.

4. When working with a drill and wood always remember to put a martyr not to spoil the worktable, also avoid the hole has burrs and leave a poor finish.

5. When you make holes in the wood screw, use a countersink, remove the burr holes and screws helps flush with the workpiece.

6. Consider the type of wood when working with it. there are easier woods to work than others, for example, oak wood is very hard, misuse of the tool with which we work can make the finish is not desired.

7. Once sanded a wooden surface recalls clean the surface of dust and debris before painting. Look for belt sander reviews to choose the best one.

8. The primer sealer. It serves to plug the pores of the wood. The primer prevents paint and varnishes facilitate gripping or painting. It is a practical and basic for repainting wood product.

9. By applying a varnish or enamel timber, place special emphasis on the songs, it is the most sensitive part of the wood and where the more likely that water out. Apply well to coat, cover the pores of the wood. For wood last for long, it is very important maintenance, sanding and applying varnish or paint every so often to not go deteriorating wood.

10. When applying paint, enamel or varnish, read the manufacturer’s instructions always good. In the back of the boat and are often reflected drying times, recoating, how to apply depending on the surface, performance, etc. All this information is very important when preparing a wood DIY job.

With these simple tricks, make sure you are going to get a perfect finish in all your work done with wood.

11. When screwing screws, we can facilitate the work via the screw by a bar of soap.

12. If we are not very sure of the consistency of our wood and we fear that cracking the nail or screw, we can follow the following trick: heat the tip of the nail or screw with boiling water.

13. On the other hand, if what we fear is that splitting the wood to saw or cut to, we can put tape around the area where we will make the cut. With this trick, we will get a clean cut.

14. In any case, when sawing wood, the floor surface visible and, therefore, the best finish should have, should go on the top.

15. To achieve a perfect finish and hide the nails in our projects with wood, we carefully remove a small piece of wood or splinter point where you go nail, nail, and then paste again with wood glue.

16. When you work with wood furniture, you may receive the surface thereof a stroke, causing visible damage. If so, all you have to do is nothing, putting up a wet cotton hot milk and let stand a few hours. With this trick it will swell the wood, returning to its original state.

17. Another possible solution to the above problem is to wet a cotton cloth, place it on the beat, and pass the plate, allowing the steam to act.

18. When sanding wood surfaces, the easiest option is to choose first a coarse-grained sandpaper to make the first few hands, then go finishing work with softer dogfish. Also, remember that you must always sand in the direction of the grain.

19. It is possible that when we are working, we drop some glue on pieces of wood. To remove, we can follow the advice of our friend, who tells us that rubbing with a cotton cloth soaked in oil can easily remove them.

20. Finally, to get a professional finish, it is set two thick wooden boards with a screw nut, so that the screw head is hidden in one of the tables. To do this, under an assumption of having a screw 8mm thick with 12 mm head, we do the following:
– Drill on the first table with a drill bit 16, without passing completely, ie with a depth similar to the height of the screw head size.
– Hold both tables in the proper position, together with a cat, and continue drilling the same hole, but with a bit of 8. With this, the screw head is hidden in the first table.


How to buy a self propelled lawnmower in 7 Steps.

Anyone who has a lawn will need to buy a lawn mower. A visit to your local home and garden store leaves you a battle about the type of lawnmower you should buy. Although the process may be confusing because many options are available, it is much easier if you consider specific lawn mower features. Here are some tips for buying a best self propelled lawn mower in 7 steps.

Step 1: Determining the type of mower you wish to purchase.

To consider, some species are busy mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding lawn mowers, lawn tractors or robotic mowers. Push mowers are good for even oblique in small gardens. A self propelled lawn mower is useful if you have your lawn on hills and slopes. If the amount you are planning to cut more than 1/2 acre, a riding lawn mower will probably be the best option. For those who enjoy the latest technological gadget, the robotic mower is a great choice for small lawns.

Step 2: Choose a gas – or electric powered mower.

This decision is pushing for most applicable mowers. Gas engines usually have a bit more power, but electric powered mowers save energy and money.

Step 3: What types?

Ignore horsepower, torque or engine size for sale in determining what lawn mower. While tempting to make the purchase of the mower, the largest engine or most HP should not be a factor to determine what lawn mower. Engine performance and the size of the engine do not have a predictable effect on the quality of a lawn mower.

Step 4: Consider the features you want.

There are many options to choose from, especially on riding mowers. See the following features: deck fabrication (metal or plastic), swivel front wheels (to turn easier), driving at high speed change control of the fast mode (switch on the side of discharge to dredging), security options (blade brake / link), one-lever height adjustment, electric start (especially for push mowers), cruise control (constant speed over ground) and cup holders. Additionally, most garden tractors are attached with such as a knife or dredging, which can be considered as additional features.

Step 5: A choice of a particular brand.

Brand choice is not just buying the best suit lawn mower, but also considering where you get the mower maintenance, purchase, replacement or repair of parts, or help with problems. Choose a brand that is sold in the area, so that maintenance and extra maintenance is easily accessible.

Step 6: Examine the policies of the refund and the guarantee of the mower.

If something goes wrong with your mower, or if you are at home and it is not what you expect, you will be able to take back or fix it. The guarantees and refund policies may help to simplify the choice of the mower.

Step 7: A price range.

Mowers price ranges from affordable to expensive.

The 3 best lawn mowers

Regular mowing is not just about aesthetics lawn. Regular mowing helps the root system of grass and improve diseases. It also helps ensure the correct penetration of irrigation and fertilizer.

Honda HRX217K2HXA

After testing for features such as blade durability and overall maneuverability, the editors of “Consumer Reports” magazine gave the Honda self-propelled mower their approval. Different mowing settings allow you to drop everything in the work of mulching, while the introduction of an adjustable cruise control to keep the speed under control you so you do not run after your mower. Meanwhile, it is just 21-inch wide which eleminate the cumbersome for smaller yards.

Craftsman 37436

The term “sweet ride” is usually applied to cars. But in its reviews of 2010’s best lawnmowers, this device was described in that way. Features which impressed the magazine editors include a spring loaded height, so you do not struggle every time you want to raise or lower your cutting height, plus a responsive drive lever, so you are always in control of your mowing experience.

Neuton CE 6.2

Mow your lawn while “cutting the pollution,” “Mother Earth News” magazine proclaims with pride in its tests of this electric lawn mowers. Because these devices do not require the direct use of fossil fuels, your carbon footprint shrinks slightly when compared to traditional gasoline-powered mowers. One of the top-ranked electric lawn mower in the magazine test, the Neuton CE 6.2.


How to choose an essential oil diffuser

Long confined to yoga rooms, the essential oil diffuser is democratized and passes the living room, the office, in the car….Furthermore, they allow us to perfume the atmosphere, destroy odors, viruses and repel insects. The essential oils also act against respiratory infections, stress, sleep problems, addictions … With or without water, choose your side. An essential oil diffuser is a perfect gift! But how to choose an essential oil diffuser? Small advice for this purchase:

In an air-conditioned office, a bedroom or a new home, prefer broadcasters with ultrasonic humidifier. Their slight cold mist overcomes too dry air. We breathe better, the skin takes over … and dissemination can last long as 4 drops of pure essential oil (and preferably organic) are sufficient to perfume.

You will prefer dry diffuser (nebulizer) if you want to clean the air more efficiently, or if your home is humid. They can be programmed for the determination of diffusion time: alternating one minute of broadcasting and one minute stop or by limiting its operation. We suggest not to exceed two 15-minute three times a day.

And the sound?

Vibrating, dry diffusers emit a small purr. Quieter, humidifiers produce a soft whisper of water and sometimes colored light.

How to maintain?

The diffuser with humidifier needs descaling once a month and operating with a little white vinegar while dry broadcaster talks by disseminating occasionally of glycerin alcohol to unclog the pipes of the unit.

And portable version?

In mini version, some dry broadcasters plug into the cigarette lighter of the car or the USB port of a computer. Practices, they can clean up the immediate environment. Learn that in addition to flavor, destroy odors, viruses and repel insects, essential oils are proving formidable weapons against respiratory infections, stress, sleep problems, addictions, and even some gynecological disorders. Then, conquered?

Good to know

Banish round bulbs and sticks. Adapted to synthetic perfumes inside (and potentially toxic), these distribution methods degrade essential oils. Fragile, they alter from 45 °. Very volatile and easily oxidized, they disappear too quickly by capillarity. Given their price will avoid!

What about essential oils to diffuse?

  • Zen, woody, energizing, stop-odor or let go, found in trade, and on the internet, many complex loans which combine all the best essential oils for diffusion map.
  • If you opt for individual oils, know that citrus fruits are great to deodorize. In the morning, prefer lemon or grapefruit that drive, and at night, sweet Orange, Bergamot, Mandarin and Petit Grain Bitter, with soothing properties. Vanilla, ylang-ylang and lavender awaken the sense…

There are several types of essential oil diffusers:

Electric nebulizer diffusers or “pump” are cold diffusers fitted with a small motor pump, like an aquarium. They produce air which agitates the essential oil contained in a jar. The essential oil is then atomized in “micro droplets” in the jar and it spreads through the air.

This type of diffuser has the advantage of flavor strongly, quickly and well, even a large room (about 40 square meters maxi depending on device). By cons, it must pay at least 60 drops of pure essential oils in the jar, and there should be regular cleaning of the jar with alcohol or white vinegar. Cleaning the glass casing, fragile, is not always easy but it is worth. There are beautiful and very reliable electric diffusers.

Ultrasound essential oil diffusers are different. They are cold broadcasters which have an ultrasonic motor under a container which is filled with tap water. It only pays a couple of drops of essential oils on the surface of the water. The ultrasound agitates the water becomes mist and fog is aromatic essential oils when coupled with water molecules evaporate.

It is ideal for living rooms or bedrooms because the air is flavored and slightly damp, somewhat like the edge of a waterfall where the air is better.

The advantage of this type of diffuser is that it is easy to clean (just to drain the water, rinse and then refill with water + essential oil). Little essential oil is used (only 15 drops per session). By against the spread sometimes is less powerful than a conventional electric model.

That is all you need to know about essential oil diffusers. Hope you find useful information here. Good luck!

The baby pack and play buying tips

Contents of this article:

  • What is a pack and play?
  • Height adjustable or folding pack and play?
  • For what age a pack and play is useful for?
  • Where to buy?

What is a pack and play?

Before a baby has arrived, most expectant parents go once to great shopping tour. There are a lot of things that needs to be purchased: the car seat, the stroller, the cot…. When at the baby store, you stumble almost inevitably tool in the toddler’s world: the pack and play. Many parents highly praised and highly frowned upon by as many couples, it is somewhere between the things a child needs and to which one can do without.

A pack and play is a generally rectangular piece of furniture made of wood or plastic, which is open at the top and grate on the sides. There are also round pack and play and those which can be adapted to the respective space flexibly. What a pack and play out of the question, which is critically dependent on the space available. When it comes to a quite small apartment, so a folding pack and play is recommended. Will it once is not used, it can be folded in a few steps. In some instances, the side panels can also unfold, so that a kind of fence is produced which then can separate a particular area of the apartment.

Height adjustable or folding playpens?

If a baby in the crawling stage, so it embarks daily on an expedition through the apartment. Nothing is safe from him.

From flowerpots, the soil is tasted, the coffee table is raised and consequently follows the tablecloth besides thereon things of gravity. In the kitchen and in the bathroom there are dangers – for example by cleaners and detergents or by the hot oven. So some family wants as a protected space in which the baby and later the infant without risk can play.

Opponents of pack and play argue however that every child can move freely and there should be a pack and play for the junior. Now, your child for the most of the day is comfortable in the movement and the urge to explore. A pack and play should never serve to simply drop the baby. Nor is it intended to be used as a kind of punishment, such as when the child does not hear or screams.

Many children love their pack and play and feel it all around. For this, among other things, a soft pack and play floor will be fine. Specially, blankets or thick padded are available. There can be smaller things on the bars, such as a music box or toy. The bars are allowing the baby defies the pack and play eye contact with caregivers to maintain. And the baby is larger, so the bars are a great help to pull up. Ideally, to the floor, the pack and play adjusted in height. Quite simple, it can be adapted to the size of the child and to his needs. So many copies have removable slip rungs, so that the child screwing in with age alone, or may also rise.

For what age a play pen is useful for?

Well, already newborns can use this piece of furniture when parents provide in boundaries which give the baby’s safety. This can be done for example through the use of a still pad. So the baby in the pack and play can keep his nap or explore in peace his hands and feet. If the postman or the mother must quickly once leave the room, so the baby in the pack and play is secure. Throughout the crawling phase of time can serve well the pack and play, unless it is used as a parking for the offspring. Can the child run free and safe – which is usually about 1 ½ years the case, then the pack and play is obsolete. Now it hinders the child more than that it offers him a safe space. The whole wide world is calling and waiting to be discovered.

Of course, life can function entirely with a child without pack and play. However, parents should be exactly the dangers to be aware of the lurking when the little explorers to the socks. Especially the kitchen and bathroom need to be made safe for children. In addition, it is important, dangerous places, such as the fireplace or stairwells demarcate so that threatens the child is no danger here.


Woodworking machine safety standards


Machines and tools which are used in woodworking operations require careful use. These jobs usually cause a high accident rate.

Virtually, all machines used in shaping wood, cutting tools have a high degree of sharpening and rotating at a high number of resolutions.

The proximity of the operator’s hands in almost entire duration the of the phases of cutting tools.

Reduced number of approved safety devices is not being used because the existing installation and adaptation of protection often require time the pair employee develop the piece.

The accident is characterized by the severity of injuries caused by contact with the cutting tools. The most common injury constitute amputations of the fingers, especially the left.

That is why the following safety standards for protection are detailed below. These help you stay alert and acquire safe work habits. This production is developed in several parts beginning with general rule applicable to all machines and then to particular standards or measures for each of the machines most commonly used security.


  • Do not use gloves when any kind of woodworking machines is operated.
  • The clothing must be used properly.
  • Watches, bracelets, chains, rings and other similar objects should not be used at work under any circumstances.
  • In all woodworking operations, safety glasses or goggles should be used.
  • You should always be used in this type of hearing protectors machines with the corresponding attenuation, as large generators of high noise levels.
  • When large materials are handled, they should be used with protective safety shoes.
  • To stop operating a machine or away from it, you should stop it and check that all moving parts are completely stopped.
  • Do not use the woodworking machines without authorization or proper training supervisor.
  • Before cleaning, oiling, repair or adjust any part of a machine, including protective guards, disconnect the switch and wait until the movement stops.
  • You must have permission from the supervisor, before removing the protective guard of the machine.
  • The work area should be kept in order, clean sawdust, wood chips or other debris.
  • Use a brush to clean sawdust and debris from any part of the woodworking machine.
  • Avoid talking or distracted while you are operating such machines.
  • Zoom out to all staff without authorization that is close to your machine while it is operating.
  • Verify that the machine has reached the required speed before placing the material to perform the operation.
  • Circular saws, knives, and other cutting tools should be kept with the right edge of each type.
  • Before starting cutting a timber, you must be sure that it does not have knots, nails or other imperfections that may cause accidents or damage the machine.
  • The machines must be properly grounded and differential protection.

Tips on using woodworking machines

  • Wear safety goggles or face shield to protect against splinters.
  • Use hearing protection that is suitable for the level and frequency of noise that is in contact in the area of carpentry.
  • Wear a dust mask when dust is generated (eg during sanding operations)
  • Work in a well-lit area.
  • Before the winch is on, make sure all clamps and fittings are secure and that the workpiece is free to rotate.
  • Use free from defects woods.
  • Hold the tool firmly with both hands and against the rest of the tool.
  • Hold the stock securely on the front plate or between centers.
  • Use only tools for turning.
  • Use formals or affiliates and good quality chisels.
  • Select an appropriate speed for the job.
  • Operate the winch at low speed and the use of a moderate depth of cut to avoid flying splinters during roughing operations. The actual speed of the winch depends on the type of wood, the diameter of the wood, the nature of the work performed and the type of tool used.
  • Remove the tool holder when sanding or polishing.
  • Use appropriate to hold the sandpaper or whenever possible tools.
  • If you have to use your hands always hold the paper in a way that allows the paper to sand and polish the wood.


The following machine tools are common when doing woodwork:

Planer: to brush and give a finish to one side of the wood.
Drill: used makes holes in the part.
Sander: for finishing a surface.

Pack and play: A “baby jail” or simply secure?

Pack and play: Still relevant? Pack and play: Safety or captivity? Your child must spend so much time in the pack and play.

“Oh, you have your child in baby jail!” Especially for people without children the pack and play and the crib is decried. So many parents have some comment endure a baby gate is in her living room. Previously, even “experts” advise parents to limit getting to put children in pack and play. You could not unfold meanwhile one is more relaxed – even among educators. Finally, it is not a question, “turn off” his child, but to have a quarter of an hour time, the food to cook in peace finished vacuuming or simply to go to the bathroom. Without asking what the child hiring again what it eliminates straight or where it has just the fingers inside.

The baby becomes mobile

A crib or a playpen provides no urge for the little ones to move? No, because at the grids, the baby can pull wonderful and there along the way along – so it exerts standing, jumping and walking. The tentative steps belong to the normal development of each child. Since children up to the age of four years are still conscious, they make no difference what she pulls herself. This can secure grid or the sofa to be, but also the hot oven or the sideboard with the TV on.

A place just for the baby

Many toddlers love a corner only for them. The favorite toy and blanket for a cozy pack and play can be, in the example, wonderful. Although in the family with a dog as a pet, a pack and play or a stair and door grille is a good way to protect the child. Even if you think you know your pet well, you should never leave it with a toddler alone! If the dog example, pinched nose, even the most patient family dog can bite.

Rails instead of a pack and play

A protection function can also take on the rails in the worst case if you want to buy no pack and play. For space saving it is not just. Even in bed, your child can play a short time safely and in peace, if you need to, for example, make a call.

It is no “wooden babysitter”

This does not mean that you should put your child for hours behind bars. A child should sit in the pack and play not longer than one hour a day. Otherwise, it may not live out his discoverer and need to move sufficiently. But if you do not “turn off” your child, but want to know safely stored for a short time, there is nothing against a playpen, no matter what my your friends to.

What qualities a pack and play should have?

Safety: The most important point is the safety of the pack and play, which establish stable and tilt-proof and must be no sharp edges or corners must be. To guide the quality seal Stiftung Warentest or the like is used.

Freedom of movement: Of course the young to be protected by the pack and play against excessive exuberance Crawling, yet the play pen must not be a prison. For this reason, an area of at least 1 x 1 meter should be ensured; important are also flexible spines, through which the baby hinaus- when needed and can climb inside again.

Material choice: After all, it does not matter whether the pack and play is made of wood or plastic – although wood is naturally the more environmentally friendly material. The main thing is that it is pollution-free materials in any case.

Buying tips

These should be considered when purchasing a pack and play:

  • The grid should have no sharp edges or corners.
  • Pack and play or bed should be stable and not wobble or tip over when pulling up the child.
  • Make sure the products are without harmful substances from the paint. The children suck namely like the wooden lattices.
  • Place a soft blanket or similar in the pack and play when your child makes the first steps.
  • In no case, the head should fit through the bars.
  • When buying, make sure there is the GS or CE mark.
  • View height adjustable “Stork” – this mixture of pack and plays and cots grows with your child.
  • Have a pack and play to collapse, be sure that the lock is always properly engaged.

Essential tips to buy a baby swing

How to choose a baby swing? Apart from his bed and his stroller, the baby swing is which your child will spend most of his time with during his first six months. He will sleep there or discover the world surrounds him and even take his meals in it.

Swing or baby swing can be very useful for a mother of a newborn baby because it is a safe place where you can place while you find a few minutes to eat something or take a shower while having your son nearby. It can also help distract or calm the baby with rhythmic movements, thus giving a small break. Therefore, it is important that you choose one that will meet the needs of you and your baby.

To make the right choice, there are criteria to check: tilt, weight, safety harness ?? And we will give you two things to be aware that manufacturers do not always tell consumers like us.

Can the baby use the swing from birth?

Manufacturers will all say yes, but in fact, it is a bit more complicated. Baby ages from a few days or weeks can also use it too?? The baby may be a little lost in his swing and muscularly toned enough to be perfectly at ease even if the inclination of sunbed is satisfactory.

Most certainly, you will keep your baby in your arms or tucked into a maternity pillow, scarf against you or installed in his cozy maxi pending in his first 3 months.

However, there are chairs that are exceptions: These are the “beanbag chairs.” We appoint the Babymoov Doomoo Nest or Babylounge Beaba. On these huge very comfortable and very stable poufs, baby is installed safely ?? BECAUSE it is attached by a safety harness. Only problem: a little bulky.

The other solution for the swing is a bouncer which is optimal for babies at birth ?? It is equipped with a seat insert that will stuff ?? The baby will be well “surrounded” by the bouncer, for example, the Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing.

Similarly, manufacturers indicate the baby swing age limit which is up to 9 months. Everything then depends on the morphology of the child.

In general, your baby will leave his lounger around 7 months. Anyway, if you feel that baby is now strong enough to tip the bouncer, abandon it soon! It could overthrow him inside, then it becomes dangerous.

Note that in the case of Doomoo chairs Babymoov, Babybjörn of chairs or Babylounge Beaba ?? The use goes beyond the 9 months ?? They become accessible to children.

The criteria essential to check before buying a baby swing

The inclination ??

A good baby swing must offer a minimum two positions: semi-recumbent and sitting.

If it offers a lying position, it is even better. Your child can be installed from its earliest days and later pursue his naps.

There are chairs on the market that have 5 positions, are of great quality and have reasonably priced such as Bubble Compact Babymoov.


All chairs must be fitted ?? Does it have a good harness? If it is a 5-point harness?? It is even better. Otherwise ?? The child can easily emerge.


When a baby begins to shake his legs and arms, we must be sure that the baby swing is not likely to reverse. Also, never place the baby swing on a table, a bed, or a couch.

Safety is of especially important if you choose the swing option. The seat of the baby swing is not fixed and the baby swing can actually swing.

If you choose this function, it is preferable that the baby swing is equipped with a bar to the pendulum facing the baby.

The congestion

Check the weight because the baby swing must be required to carry baby in it. It should be equipped with handles or grips. It is also necessary that the baby swing is easily foldable or removable if you want to save more space in the house.

There are very practical models for nomadic travel such as the Take-Along Tiny Love lounger that can be folded and stored easily.

The maintenance

This is absolutely essential, the baby swing cover must be removable and washable, especially if your child is taking his first solid meal. There are universal covers that are often incompatible with the openings in particular for passing the safety harness.

The accessories

Some chairs come with a visor, small toys, game arches or ergonomic gear….

Tips for applying essential oil

– A drop of Lemon essential oil on a soft cloth to polish the copper gently.
– Put a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your paper mache artwork. The result is a wonderfully aromatic scented artwork.
– Homemade potpourri sachets with flowers and herbs have more flavor when adding essential oils.
– Does your potpourri no more smell, add a few drops of essential oil to the potpourri to breathe so new life …

– Drizzle bookmarks and stationery with essential oils. Sprinkle drops of oil on paper and put them in a plastic bag. Close the bag and let it stand overnight to allow withdrawal of the aroma. Send good news in the perfumed letters.
– Want to enjoy your own personal fragrance candle, put a few drops in the hot, melted wax from the burning candle.
– Would you drive while cooking the cooking odors, add a few drops of essential oil to the simmering pot.
– Homemade soap is enjoyable and provides therapeutic effects when they are scented with essential oils.
– Make padded cushions and decorative pendants as memorable gift by putting a few drops of essential oil to drip before you give the gift
– You can make beautiful perfumes with essential oils. Add your own personal essential oil to 25 drops or 2.8 cl of perfume alcohol and allow two weeks for use.

For health:

– Mix one part of Deep Blue essential oil with 4 parts of coconut oil and massage it the tired or aching muscles and bones.
– Do you have a headache, rub a few drops of rosemary, peppermint or lavender essential oil on the back of your neck.
– Make your own massage oil by mixing 3 to 5 drops of essential oil of your own choice with coconut oil.
– One or two drops of lavender and Melaleuca essential oil applied directly to cuts, scrapes, and scratches.
– Put one drop of lemon essential oil directly on the wart and repeat daily.

– If you have a long drive ahead, much to read or study? Breathe occasionally Rosemary essential oil. for this use the essential oil diffuser. Look for essential oil diffusers reviews for more information.
– Did you have a party last night? Create a custom blend of essential oils of lavender, rosemary, and lemon and put this mixture of 6-8 drops of oil in a bath.
– Do you have trouble falling asleep? Then one or two drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow.
– For burns drop directly Lavender essential oil on the burn.
– Put one drop of peppermint essential oil in a half-full glass of water and drink it slowly as you suffer from digestive and stomach problems.
– Put one drop of Melaleuca On Guard essential oil on an ice cube and wrap it in a washcloth if your child has a toothache.
– There is flu in your area, add a few drops of Thyme essential oil in your diffuser or cook it in a pan on the stove.
– Fever sponges to the body with cold water with one drop of essential oil Eucalyptus, Peppermint and lavender have been added.
– A mix of lavender and lemon essential oil makes for a quiet and refreshing scent in the office. Lavender creates a calm tranquil scent while Lemon stimulates the senses and freshness.
– A wonderful massage blend for babies is one drop Wild Orange, one drop of lavender and one drop of geranium essential oil diluted with 2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil.
– Headache? Just take one drop of peppermint essential oil diluted with 1 teaspoon vegetable oil and apply it to the neck on the edge of the hairline.
– Do you have shoes that smell of sweat or if you have athlete’s foot? Then a few drops of Geranium essential oil directly into the shoes for a wonderful scent or do a cotton ball with lemon oil in your shoes. Deal with what’s foot drops Melaleuca oil in your shoes.

Insects and Bugs:

– Make a natural flea collar: saturate a soft piece of rope with Melaleuca essential oil. Roll it in a handkerchief and tie it loosely around the neck of the animal.
– Do you suffer from mice in the house or barn? Put a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and place it in problem locations.
– To dispel mosquitoes and other pests at a picnic, you were dropping a few drops of citronella oil or Terrace Loved essential oil on the melted a candle or do a few on the hot coals of the barbecue.
– Flies and moths dislike Lavender oil. Apply lavender oil on the outside of the window frames and doors.

Tips for easier sanding wood

Although sanding wood is a fairly simple job, there are tricks that make this task less complex and cumbersome

Wood sanding is necessary whenever you want to paint or even, on occasion, to give a good finish. While not a complex task, you must know some tricks and tips before tackling this work, to avoid possible inconvenience. This article describes the characteristics of the wooden block, a key accessory for sanding, and gives tips for using sandpaper. It also explains how to clean this tool to prolong its life. The sandpaper is one of the main tools for woodworking. It is used before painting, but the sandpaper finer grain often also allow surfaces give the desired finish.

When the sanding is done especially on large surfaces, it can become a cumbersome task. Therefore, it is useful to know some tricks and tips to facilitate the work.

The wooden block, a very useful accessory for sanding The main recommendation is to use a wooden block to hold the sandpaper. Thus, it is much easier and

less tiring to dominate the paper and pass it where necessary. It also ensures that the friction is performed evenly with the entire surface of the paper. If the only role finger holds, there is a risk that much work the remaining part under the fingertips, on which pressure is exerted greater.

The wooden block measures may vary to suit the size of one’s hand. In general, we can think of a piece of 6 centimeters wide by 4 or 5 high and long, about 12 or 14. That is, similar to one of the old draft slate object or a portion of the railing of stairs.

To further facilitate the work, it is possible in the wooden block two slots on the sides, to place your fingers on them. That way, you can hold the taco as safely but without exerting much pressure, so your fingers will get tired less. Such grooves can be made with a router or with a coarse rasp (cue must be held by a vise).

Tips for using sandpaper

To take advantage of the material to the maximum, it only cut the sandpaper necessary to wrap the taco. It is recommended not to cut with scissors, knives or similar instruments but with a sharp edge (of a table, a beam, etc.). For this, the part of paper remaining on the surface and pull down and outwardly from one of opposite ends must be held. Thus, the sand is torn along the internal texture of the material itself.

A plastic sheet in the block of wood absorbs the irregularities of the surface is sanded Another tip is to choose one of the two broader sides of the wooden block, which will be the one used to support on the wood that has been sanded, and pastes it into a sheet of plastic, rubber or other synthetic material with a like elasticity. Thus, the tool may absorb any unevenness of the wood and the depth and task completion will be better.

Must always sand in the direction of the wood grain. Thus, the nature of the material contributes to a better and faster straightening. In addition, some sandpaper (the highest quality) included on the reverse side of arrows indicating the direction of use recommended. Ignoring these indications allows better use of the product and prolong its life.

For sanding curved surfaces, meanwhile, is not enough elasticity that gives the plastic sheet and should use a block of artificial sponge or similar material instead of wood. The aim is that it provides sufficient firmness but also elasticity to fit the curves of the woodwork, without the risk of damaging the surface taco.

Clean the sandpaper to prolong its life

The type of dust released from wood to be sanded depends on the roughness of sandpaper, for example, grain size. After a while of use, the accumulated dust from grain sandpaper detracts efficiency.

A simple method to clean it: without removing the wooden block, giving small blows on one side against a tough surface (a wall, a table, etc.), so that the dirty side is facing down. This will facilitate the dust loose and fall.

If the sandpaper has enough use is worn, you can remove the taco and, taking her by its ends, passing repeatedly his back on the edge of a table (as if to polish the edge with the back of sandpaper) . By exerting pressure, the grains will open and let out the dust. It is a way to extend the life of the instrument a little more.

Tips, tricks and templates woodworking guide

Beginners face many obstacles when they start working with wood. If you do furniture, sculptures or you are doing

something of yourself, the way you focus on the design and use of wood and tools it will affect the way

the product looks. This is a big company, but if you apply some tips, tricks and templates to your wood,

your basic skills will improve. In turn, you will build your confidence and the quality of your work.

Cut plywood

Plywood is mainly used for making furniture. A common problem is chipping that occurs when plywood

is cut. Minimizes chipping when cutting along the length of the timber instead of passing through the

grain. Select the correct blade for the job. To create a clean cut, mark the line you want to stick with a

knife and placed tape over the place before cutting. This will prevent small chips jump. If you are drilling

a hole in the plywood, use a zester

equipped with a straight bit (drill head) to keep the area clean.

Templates to make squares with blocks

According to Woodzone, make square corners with wooden boards is difficult, especially when the glue

is drying. We recommend using a square template. It is a wooden frame in ‘L’ that allows you to align

two pieces of wood at an angle of 90 degrees to give a perfect curve. Paste or two pieces of wood nailed

together to make your own wooden square block.

Use a block to push

A push block is a safety device that can be used to prevent fingers from sliding under a leaf when you’re

stabilizing wood. Make your own block push attaching a handle on one side of a flat piece of wood. Hold

the handle and place the piece of wood edge aligned with the saw blade at the top of the wood you

want to cut. Now you can stabilize the wood near the blade without the risk of injuries to fingers.


One trick to consider when painting a smooth pin is cut a ‘V’ on your foam brush. The foam brush is

more closely aligned with the circular edge of the plug and give a clean finish. Alternatively, if you go to

sand the edges intricate design on a draft instead of losing tight corners with large pieces of sandpaper,

use a nail to get into small areas. When it comes to applying oil, filled a small tray with oil. Submerge the

draft in the tray for a perfect coverage. Place the remaining oil in the bottle to avoid waste.

Tips to avoid problems working wood

Wood is an element that can bring you problems when it comes to DIY. But there are ways to counteract

these problems easily. For example, using these tricks.


Wood is one of those things that usually brings complications when working on DIY. But there are ways

to avoid these complications. For this reason, you just have to see this article, where you’ll find advice to

avoid problems in situations that seem basic, but not always are.

Here are some tricks to better DIY woodworking:

You have surely passed you ever you want to drive a nail into a wood that is something old and dry and

therefore fear that split or break. There is a way around it. To do this, you have to put the nail tip in

boiling water for a few minutes. Then, with the still hot nail and gently embed test on wood. You will see

how it changes things.

If you’re going to paint the wood, previously not forget to check it, to see if they have holes or

imperfections should be covered with some material accordingly. Once you are ready, clean with a

damp cloth without fuzz. And subsequently the sandpapers.

Is it hard to screw on a wood lot? Well, you can try this trick yourself for that to be part of the past. You

know what you have to do? Simply spread on some soap, oil, petroleum jelly or butter. Tea into place

much more easily.

If you go to sand the wood and just buy the sandpaper, the best thing to do is bend previously, always

on the side that does not sandpaper. Later, you’ll use it much simpler and ductile manner. Do not forget

to pre-clean the wood before you start sanding and when you do, take precautions to make it soft and

delicate, question not to scratch too much wood.

Do not forget these tricks to clean wood that will help you once you’ve applied the DIY tips, you stay

with wonderfully aesthetically speaking.